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Population healthiness INDEX℠ (PHI, Φ)

For Employers

A Game Changer In Healthcare

Transform Employee Health

PHI (Φ) as a SINGLE measure representing the Whole Person (see graphic) offers an elegantly simple method for the employers to strategically focus their efforts to improve health, vitality, productivity, and cost while driving innovation for the competitive advantage.

Simplify measurement

  • An innovative, simple to use and understand single measure representing multiple human dimensions and factors.
  • Reduces complexity, confusion and the resistance to change caused by a myriad of measures an employee is faced with.

Deepen employee engagement

  • The Whole Person view engages and motivates individuals and groups to act on improving their vitality and health.

Increase productivity, reduce cost

  • Customized profiles for healthcare and loss of productivity costs give the real dollar targets for improvement for the organization.
  • Φ helps calculate and measure the real dollar impact with every point change in ΦScore℠ for a given individual or population.

Drive Innovation for competitive advantage

  • Healthy, vital, productive and engaged employees are the core to problem solving and developing innovative solutions and deliver a distinct competitive edge.

Deliver increasing returns on investment and long - term value

  • Segmentation of population by over 50 factors included in the PHI (Φ) model, enables finely targeted strategies and optimized organizational resource deployment, resulting in faster and increasingly higher returns on investment than traditional means.

Simplify communication and management

  • PHI (Φ) model's ease of understanding, use, monitoring and reporting real time impact on the real dollars significantly reduces complexity in communication and management of the employee wellness and engagement programs.  


See how to improve productivity, health, vitality and potential for innovation of employees while optimizing healthcare cost in your organization......