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Population healthiness INDEX℠ (PHI, Φ)

For Life Insurers

A Game Changer In Healthcare

Transform Risk Management

​PHI (Φ) as a single measure of health and vitality for the Whole Person (see graphic) representing multiple factors and dimensions offers the Insurers a platform to create highly individualized policies and manage the risk much more effectively

Deploy a powerful tool for risk management

  • PHI (Φ) as a comprehensive current state representation of the Whole Person comprising multiple factors and dimensions that affect health, vitality, productivity and cost, provides a more reliable basis for understanding, measurement, and management of the policy risk.

Institute a reliable basis for individualized policies

  • Interaction of multiple dimensions and their sensitivity to the overall ΦScore℠ provides a consistent and reliable basis for risk calculation and management.  
  • Create truly individualized products based on actual rather than actuarial data.


Learn how a life insurance company can innovate products and services using PHI (Φ) model for competitive distinction......