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Population healthiness INDEX℠ (PHI, Φ)

For Patients

A Game Changer In Healthcare

Transform Patient Care

​PHI (Φ) as a SINGLE measure representing the Whole Person (see graphic) offers an elegantly simple method for the Patients to measure and compensate Providers for the effectiveness, efficiency and experience of the services delivered:

Measure the effectiveness of the care administered

  • ΦScore℠ offers a simpler way to gauge the effectiveness of the care delivered to a patient by measuring and comparing the improvements from the baseline to the promised levels during and after the services are rendered.

Align cost to the care delivered

  • Relate cost of care to the ΦScore℠ improvements achieved from the baseline to the promised levels.

Compare Providers before selection

  • ΦScore℠ offers an elegant and simple basis to compare performance on such factors as cost, efficacy of care and the overall experience before choosing a service provider.


Learn how Jane, a savvy professional uses PHI (Φ) model to effectively manage and control her healthcare.......