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Population healthiness INDEX℠ (PHI, Φ)

For Payers

A Game Changer In Healthcare

Transform Healthcare

PHI (Φ) as a SINGLE measure representing the Whole Person (see graphic) offers an elegantly simple method for the Payers to measure and compensate Providers for the effectiveness and efficiency of the services delivered while deepening engagement with members and consumers and delivering unprecedented value to customers.

Deploy a true performance based payment model

  • Set unambiguous performance targets with the ability to measure the impact on vitality, health, productivity and cost with every point change in ΦScore℠ and thus provide the clearest basis for performance based payment.

Simplify payment system

  • Cut through a slew of low to intermediate, confusing and often conflicting measures to a holistic single measure of health and vitality.

Reduce operating costs

  • Simplify payment structure with a single performance measure and dramatically reduce claims processing and other related operating costs.

Deliver faster service and better experience

  • Simplify payments, eliminate conflicts, confusion and complaints, provide faster service and outstanding experience to all stakeholders.

Manage cost by fine-tuning population based strategies

  • With over 50 factors and dimensions in the PHI (Φ) model, a pin-point focus on factors and dimensions that have the highest influence on the vitality and health of the selected population, would deliver faster and better returns on investment while improving vitality, health, productivity and cost.  

Build deeper engagement with the members and consumers

  • Capture unidimensional information in multiple apps that individual members and consumers have  on their mobil devices and integrate into the Whole Person profile, and thus, engage and motivate them for managing their vitality, health, cost and productivity.

Facilitate collaborative relationship models with customers and providers

  • Co-develop finely targeted population based strategies with customers, physicians and providers and measure their impact on cost, efficacy and productivity in real-time.

Create customer loyalty through increasing long-term value

  • Optimize and deploy combined resources with customers to targeted populations to increase productivity, reduce cost and build a virtuous circle of increasing returns on investment for longer and deeper collaborative relationships. 

Measure effectiveness of treatments faster

  • Reduce the time to measure the impact of the treatments, therapies and other interventions in improving the overall health and vitality of a member or a consumer and speed the feedback to make adjustments.

Change narrative with the key stakeholders 

  • Forge deeper collaborative relationships with the key stakeholders such as customers, members, consumers and providers by changing discussions from just cost to health, vitality and productivity.

Above all, lead the transformation of healthcare industry

  •  Accelerate transition from the transactional, fee based payment models to the outcomes focused system that improves the health and vitality of consumers.


Find out how a health plan can dramatically improve its performance while deepening relationships with members, customers and providers using PHI (Φ) model.....