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Population healthiness INDEX℠ (PHI, Φ)

For Pharmaceuticals, Biotechs, devices & services

A Game Changer In Healthcare

Transform Care

PHI (Φ) as a SINGLE measure of health and vitality for the Whole Person (see graphic) representing multiple factors and dimensions, is a powerful tool for competitive advantage for the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Device and Service companies:

  • a potential game changer in development, approval, marketing and measurement of  efficacy of drugs, therapies, delivery systems and services, and
  • a platform to advance personalized medicine.

Set holistic outcomes

  • Enhance the expected end points or outcomes by including PHI (Φ) dimensions that may enhance the overall health, vitality and productivity of the targeted population. 

Increase regulatory successes

  • Increase the probability of regulatory approval and enhance the value of the therapy, drug, delivery system or service by aligning the end points or expected outcomes with the ΦScore℠ improvements.

Enhance marketability

  • Build brand and markets by demonstrating the positive impact on ΦScore℠, in addition to the expected clinical outcomes.

Gain market share and credibility

  • Show relative competitive advantage through ΦScore℠ improvements, specially in the highly competitive markets.

Change the game with the Whole Person efficacy measurement

  • PHI (Φ) as the Whole Person single measure that interactively encompasses multiple human dimensions offers a game-changing platform to measure the efficacy of new and current drugs, therapies, devices and services.
  • PHI (Φ) changes the paradigm from a narrow set of end points to the outcomes that measure the impact on the overall health and vitality – the core to the Medicine’s Mission.

Accelerate Personalized Medicine

  • Advance the personalized drug development model by leveraging PHI's (Φ) ability to fine-tune population profiles using more than 50 individualized factors encompassing multiple human dimensions.
  • ​When combined with genetic markers, the ΦScore℠ representing the individual life styles, behaviors and other key "non genetic" factors influencing health and vitality could give deeper insights and accelerate personalized medicine. 


​See how a pharmaceutical or a biotech company could dramatically change its drug development philosophy using PHI (Φ) model....