Population healthiness INDEX℠ (PHI, Φ)

For Physicians

A Game Changer in Healthcare

Transform Patient Care

Lack of a single measure for the overall health and vitality of the Whole Person (see graphic) is the most important reason for inefficiency and complexity in the current healthcare delivery system resulting in enormous frustrations and cost to the Physicians. 

Understanding the Whole Person view of a patient with ΦScore℠ - the SINGLE number that includes both clinical and non-clinical dimensions and factors influencing their health, vitality, productivity and cost would help physicians dramatically simplify their care delivery models, increase focus on practicing medicine and transform relationships with the key stakeholders:


  • Build deeper, broader and sustaining relationships with patients as a result of the holistic profiles created by ΦScore℠ that includes non-clinical dimensions and factors influencing their health, vitality, productivity and cost.  


  • Simplified measurement, reporting and payment system, reducing operating costs. 
  • Collaborative relationships on critical areas to improve health and healthcare of individuals and populations while reducing waste and fraud.
  • Collaborate and play a critical role in the transformation of healthcare as we know.

Hospitals & Systems

  • Unambiguous performance measurement and compensation criteria to minimize conflicts.
  • Greater resources deployment and collaboration to improve health and healthcare.
  • Collaborate and play the central role in the transformation of healthcare as we know.



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