Population healthiness INDEX℠ (PHI, Φ)

For regulators, public health & Advocates

A Game Changer In Healthcare

Transform Public Health

PHI (​Φ) as a SINGLE measure of health and vitality for the Whole Person ( see graphic) representing multiple factors and dimensions, offers Regulators, Public Health and Advocacy organizations a platform for transformation by measuring the effectiveness of a drug, therapy, intervention, program or a delivery system for the overall health and vitality of a consumer, a patient or a targeted population.

Expanded outcome measures

  • Narrow outcomes measures or end points focus on the immediate condition or disease but do not measure the overall impact on the health and vitality of the patient, thereby, undermining the potential of a therapy, intervention or a delivery system.
  • Inclusion of PHI (Φ) as the holistic measure into the expected outcomes would enhance the effectiveness of the drug, therapy, intervention or a delivery system and improve the overall public health and vitality of the population targeted.

Visible, measurable and transparent compliance

  • PHI (Φ) based end points would make regulatory compliance and efficacy of treatment more visible and transparent.

Improved public safety by reducing adverse events and recalls

  • The Whole Person view of PHI (Φ) ensures that the overall health and vitality is built into the approved solution and thus minimizing future adverse outcomes common to the current regulatory approval standards.

Effective and sustainable results

  • PHI (Φ) linked outcomes would reduce post-launch recalls and provide more effective and sustainable therapies, drugs or devices.

Transformation of  the regulatory regime

  • PHI (Φ) would help transform the way the effectiveness is measured and approved toward a better consumer focused regulatory regime that promotes overall health and vitality and ensures enhanced safety.


Learn how a public health regulatory body such as a federal agency could adopt PHI (Φ) model to a dramatically simplified and effective regulatory system....

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