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Collaboration & Commonality to Accelerate New Product design 


Accelerated the design and launch of a new commercial aircraft for the largest designer and manufacturer of the commercial aircraft in the world  


The global leader in commercial aerospace industry was behind schedule in its design and launch of a highly anticipated commercial aircraft, a major element of the company’s strategy, future revenues and market position. Lack of common understanding of the design and collaboration among the key internal functions, external suppliers and partners was impeding the progress.   

Industry - Aerospace & Defense 

Area – Product Design, Supply Chain Optimization

Service –  Center for Aerospace & Defense Innovation®

Solutions –  Custom

How We Helped

Led a team consisting of the consultants and the internal client stakeholders to understand the issues that were slowing down the progress in product development.  After analysis of the major issues, a cross-section of 60 stakeholders including major functions, suppliers and partners were challenged to create collaborative solutions that would expedite the development process.  A set of recommendations were developed ranging from immediate implementation to long-term improvements. Assisted in the implementation of the recommendations.

Value delivered

  • Reduced product development time in the subsystem by 25%
  • Enhanced collaboration among the key suppliers and partners, major functions and teams
  • Better understanding on commonality and reuse of design and other features for current as well as future projects 
  • Clearer definition on the roles and responsibilities among all major players