Accelerate Product Development Performance


Compressed time to market by about 50%, reduced R&D cost by 40% and improved productivity by 33% by redesigning multi-functional, multi-location new product development area for a leading pharmaceutical company


The newly formed public company, a spin-off from a large pharmaceutical company had a severe competitive  disadvantage due to its long time-to-market for launching new drugs in a highly competitive industry. We were asked to deliver better and faster results than the traditional approaches the company had tried with minimal success.

Industry – Pharmaceutical

Area – Global Product Development

Service –  Excellence in Operations    Change Management

Solutions –   Business Process AssessmentSM      Customer Value IndexSM    

                       valuelab®      executionlabSM

How We Helped

valueideas challenged the executive team to go beyond the current “lean” and other incremental improvement efforts and redesign a leading-edge New Product Development process and execute with speed.  We designed a phased approach to challenge, create and execute a leading-edge model that would deliver superior performance.

Phase I - Business Process AssessmentSM valueideas documented all major and sub processes across multiple functions and facilities, developed the Customer Value Index and unearthed tremendous potential for performance improvement. Researched and developed insights into the best practices in the industry and beyond. 

Phase II – Using  valuelab® we designed a leading-edge global NPD process involving 

80 cross-functional executives, managers, a cross-section of diverse individuals and subject matter experts. An execution plan with resources and time lines.

Phase IIIexecutionlabSM was the vehicle to help execute the new design with speed and flexibility involving over a dozen concurrent multi-functional teams spanning over multiple facilities and geographies.

Phase IVChange Management  A Change Management infrastructure was developed to facilitate for the large scale, multi-dimensional simultaneous changes. The infrastructure was designed to be sustainable and reusable. 

Value delivered

  • In two years the company became the industry leader with significant performance improvement:

    • Time to market was reduced by 46%

    • The R&D productivity improved by 40%

    • The cost per R&D project reduced by 33%

  • Achieved organizational transformation to a collaborative, cross-functional culture

  • Developed execution and change management infrastructure for sustainable results 

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