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What is ARMS - Account Relationships Management SystemSM?

ARMS is a structured methodology and a powerful tool for executives and professionals to build deeper and wider customer relationships and helps execute a firm’s growth strategy faster and better.

Some of its features include:

  • A simple and intuitive system that structures the “fuzzy front-end” to build andgrow deeper and lasting relationships within the targeted accounts

  • A system that aligns multiple customer touch points with internal functions such as marketing, selling, operations, delivery and post delivery as a seamless process of relationship building

  • An integrative approach that creates tools for senior managers, account executives and account teams for successful execution of account and corporate strategies

  • A performance management system that is timely and visible, promoting self-management by professionals and thus reducing the need for senior management oversight

  • A system that helps increase revenues and account share by building sustainable competitive differentiation and delivers disproportionate return on investment

Why ARMS - Account Relationships Management SystemSM?

Surveys across industries show that:

  • A small fraction (< 20%) of companies have a “formalized” sales process*

  • Those who deploy a formalized sales process, have 25-30% higher growth rate than the ones who do not

  • Customer satisfaction rates are significantly higher for this group (10-50%).

*ARMSSM is much more than just a sales process

ARMS - Account Relationships Management SystemSM Benefits

  • Drive sustainable growth through deeper relationships with the clients you want

  • Create significant value for clients – through deeper understanding of their issues

  • Build market differentiation – understanding of competitors and internal barriers

  • Create platforms for innovation – products, services, business models for competitive advantage

  • Build consistency, discipline and measurability

  • Focus resources for efficiency and effectiveness:

    • Assess the impact against the results faster

    • Make adjustments and improve performance

  • Reduce the learning curve for new hires, get them to market faster

  • Minimize management oversight through visible, self-manageable system

  • Multiple times return on investment.

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