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Advise Board of Directors on M&A Strategy


Advised and assisted the BOD, CEO and the Management Team in developing the acquisition strategy to realize the maximum value for a leading Medicaid Health Plan.


Our client, a leader in its state and one of the leading Medicaid Health Plans in the country, was the target for acquisition with interest from several health care organizations.  We were asked by the Chairman of the Board and the CEO to provide guidance and assistance to them, the Executive Committee of the Board as well as the Management Team in navigating through the process.   

Industry – Healthcare, Medicaid Health Plans

Area – Board of Directors

Service – Sustainable Growth Solutions    Educating Executives

Solutions –  M&A Strategic Value Creation Capability

How We Helped

valueideas helped the BOD Executive Committee develop criteria for selection of the suitors including cultural fit, markets, product line, management team etc. We helped the BOD narrow down options and initiate discussions, reducing the choices down to two. Designated by the Board, we visited the suitors and along with the CEO and reported back to the Executive Committee with recommendations.  We educated and guided the Management Team on the process and prepared for the due diligence.  After the negotiations fell through with the leading candidate, we helped to reignite the stalled discussions with the second candidate which led to the finalization of the deal and closure.

Value delivered

  • Facilitated of conversations that led to very favorable deal for the client
  • Provided education and guidance to the BOD, Executive Committee of the Board, CEO and the Management Team on how to maximize value for the corporation
  • Developed a disciplined process for information gathering and reporting of the value to the potential acquirers
  • Advised and guided during the critical stages of the deal process
  • Provided an unbiased and objective point of view for the Chairman, CEO and BOD
  • Built rapport and trusting relationships with the CEOs of the acquiring companies