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Business Process AssessmentSM (BPA) is  a uniquely powerful tool for dramatic and fast operations improvements, by rethinking and redesigning the operating model to be the best in the business, while developing a customer-centric culture, regardless of an industry or product.

Imagine that you own a Ferarri, an investment for which you have paid an enormous amount of money, so that you could get to your desired destinations faster and with great experience. But the way you use it, it travels a few yards and then stops and waits for your decision/action. You go through these numerous stop and start cycles throughout the day, with very little progress toward your destination with terrible experience.  

Your efficiency and effectiveness are very low, you are wasting tremendous amount of time, resources and investments (read: people, processes, technologies etc.) that you have made.  It is also very frustrating and demotivating to your passengers ( read: your employees), annoying to fellow travelers (read: suppliers and partners) and disappointing to the people (read: your customers) who are expecting and relying on you.  

This is how a typical organization looks from a customer’s viewpoint.

Do you know that more than 90% of the time and resources you deploy to deliver your products and service to your customers may be wasteful?

Business Process AssessmentSM is a uniquely powerful tool to expose the tremendous amount of waste that exists in the business processes in virtually every organization, irrespective of the industry or product.  

Why, you ask?

The fundamental reason for the waste in an organization is due to misalignment of the structure to the needs of its customers.  Imagine the functions and departments in your organization as vertical organizations (much used and abused analogy to silos is applicable) to manage essentially horizontal phenomenon called business processes through which the products or services are delivered to the customers. See the graphic.

This chopping off of the core business processes fundamental to serving customers by the guillotine of functional and departmental (along with their multi-layered hierarchies and bureaucracies)  boundaries causes tremendous amount of wasteful activities and related resource utilization. Additionally and potentially fatally, it obliterates the focus on the customers and their needs - and thus competitively diminishes performance on critical factors such as quality, cost, delivery time, and customer responsiveness.

Business Process AssessmentSM "tilts" a vertical organization horizontally and takes a snapshot in time of the activities within business processes exposing tremendous amounts of waste as seen from a customer’s viewpoint.

Because BPASM uses the factual data collected and analyzed by the internal teams (vs. by external consultants), we take the emotions and mistrust of data out of the equation. A fundamentally important step in building buy-in of the cross-section of an organization.

Our experience across multiple industries has shown that an average organization has the potential to increase its performance by a factor of 10.  This fact-based data helps internal teams and leaders identify plenty of targets for significant improvement in performance in the immediate to short term, and a huge incentive to rethink and redesign operations to be the best in their business.  

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