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Center for Business Innovation® Capabilities & Solutions

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Imperative for Center for Business Innovation®


In order to survive and thrive in today’s globally competitive environment, a firm must build sustainable capabilities to create superior value for its customers by developing, executing and delivering solutions that are faster, better and cost competitive.

Our Belief

Innovation is the creativity of a diverse group of knowledgeable people (collective genius) applied to specific issues or opportunities to create new solutions that deliver superior and tangible value


  • Innovation happens at the intersection of the multiple points of view
  • Points of view are formed through individual experiences, arguing against someone’s experience is a waste of time
  • Your employees, customers, partners, alliances, relationships etc. are your most important assets, yet perhaps the most underutilized to create innovative solutions to your major issues or opportunities
  • Nobody knows your business better than you do


Center for Business Innovation (CBI) helps deliver sustainable competitive advantage by:

  • Developing leading-edge (well beyond the current best practices) innovative solutions faster by leveraging the collective genius of a firm’s resources
  • Leveraging untapped potential of a firm’s assets including human, physical, intellectual and financial
  •  Delivering results with speed through relentless focus on execution
  •  Building consensus and collaboration among the key stakeholders
  •  Instilling a culture of excellence and innovation

What is Center for Business Innovation®?

A process and environment that propels break-through thinking and accelerates the creation and execution of innovative solutions to the identified issues and opportunities using valuelab®.


  • Resolves virtually any issue including complex management challenges

          ◦    Ideally suited where traditional methods would not apply, or fail or deliver suboptimal results

                and/or take too long

  • 120 days or less to create executable solutions

          ◦    Accelerates solution development by as much as 80% in comparison to traditional methods

          ◦    0ne to three days of extensive valuelab® sessions to generate innovative ideas and solutions

  • Creates wide-ranging innovative, practical solutions – from innovative concepts to complex, multidimensional executions
  • Leverages the combined knowledge, experience, skills, the collective genius, of the group ranging from 10-100Speeds up successful execution by building consensus and buy-in of the participants

          ◦    Every participants contributes to the final solution and identifies with it through a consensus  

                driven process – the most important driver for successful implementation

  • Promotes a culture of excellence and innovation
  • Participants are challenged to design solutions to be the best in their business throughout the process and beyond

What Center for Business Innovation® is NOT

Our world today is fast-paced and full of buzz words that help us categorize things quickly, often at the risk of missing something critical. Therefore, it is not only important to define who you are but also who you are not. Let’s point out what CBI is NOT:

  • A lean, six sigma or other incremental improvement approach
  • A narrowly focused approach to problem solving and solution creation that addresses symptoms but not the core issues
  • A study or analyses that is not focused on execution and delivering results
  • An ideation exercise that does not deliver executable solutions
  • A methodology that takes too long to deliver results
  •  An executive education session that does not deliver tangible results
  • A senior management retreat that does not include a cross-section of people
  • A passive seminar that does not utilize the talent, skills and knowledge of the organization
  • An approach that does not fully leverage people, relationships, assets, and investments
  • A top-down management edict and mandated solution
  • An exercise that perpetuates existing corporate culture and inefficiencies
  • A closed, heavily structured methodology and environment that minimizes open engagement and stifles creativity
  • A project that relies heavily on external resources and consultants - extended and expensive engagement with little post-engagement sustainability

When do you NEED Center for Business Innovation®?

While CBI could be used to fire up innovation engines in an organization at any time, the following lists some of the critical indicators that require immediate action:

  • Need successful execution of the strategic initiatives faster
  •  Multi-functional, multi-dimensional issues' resolution, implementation and change management
  • Lack of new products and platforms, long times to market, launch failures, over reliance on mature products, diminishing new product pipelines, inferior product portfolio to competition etc.
  • Mission Critical information systems design and implementation
  • Recent execution failures (did not achieve the desired results)
  • Stagnant or declining growth
  • Stagnant or declining margins and profitability
  • Stagnant or declining shareholder value/market capitalization
  • High Operating costs
  • Loss of customers or market share or recent deals
  • Loss of a key alliance, a partner or a major supplier
  • Competitively Inferior supply chain
  • Quality, delivery and customer service issues
  • Business processes that take longer time to deliver products and services
  • Higher employee turn over and dissatisfaction
  • IT and other technology issues impacting competitive capabilities
  • Anemic intellectual property creation or patent activity
  • Etc.

Why Use the Center for Business Innovation®?

  • Build Sustainable competitive differentiation and advantage

          ◦    Create executable solutions in 120 days

          ◦    Continuously and consistently deliver leading-edge innovative solutions

  • Create focus on execution and results
  •  Fire up the dormant creative potential of your organization by leveraging innate knowledge, skills and expertise of your people
  • Build tremendous motivation and buy-in of the cross-section of your organization
  • Instill a culture of excellence and innovation