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Clinical Excellence Model for better patient care


Designed, developed and implemented a clinical excellence model that delivers better care with excellent patient experience at lower cost for a leading integrated delivery system


Our client, a leading integrated system desired to implement a conceptual  model for clinical excellence to improve its clinical performance as well as build competitive advantage in the market. The CEO asked us to help refine the concept, design and implement the clinical excellence model for sustainable differentiation in the market

Industry – Healthcare, Healthplans, Integrated systems

Area – Medical Management, Clinical Services

Service –  Excellence in Operations     Change Management

Solutions –  valuelab®      executionlabSM

How We Helped

valueideas developed a phased approach to the project.

During Phase I, we assessed and analyzed multiple projects and initiatives under way and developed a profile of their status and effectiveness.  We captured major issues and opportunities for change.  We engaged the providers, alliances partners and other major players to understand and refine issues and opportunities for the design of a superior clinical model 


During Phase II, using valuelab®, we brought in a team of internal stakeholders, major alliance
partners and service providers to design a clinical services delivery model that would optimize efficacy of care, patient experience and delivery cost

During Phase III, we refined the model by seeking input from a variety of knowledgeable people and finalized the clinical excellence model.  Using executionlabSM, we developed a time-phased
execution plan with milestones and performance targets

During Phase IV, Change Management, we helped to execute the model and built a measurement and management system for sustainable performance 

Value delivered

  • Designed a leading-edge clinical excellence model for sustainable competitive differentiation 
  • Reported that initial execution results showed much improved patient satisfaction and the key clinical measures; better motivation and morale of the employees 
  • Enhanced relationship with key alliances and partners
  • Developed a multi-dimensional fully resourced execution plan 
  • Built an execution infrastructure for sustainable results lasting well beyond our participation