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Compress time to market for Complex products


Developed specific targets to reduce the product development time by half,  while proportionately increasing capacity, productivity and return on the development dollars for a multi-facility medical devices company.


The company had long product development cycles, had not launched a successful product for a few years and its development pipeline was getting drier. Consequently, its revenues were declining and there was urgency to deal with product development issues. We were challenged to identify opportunities to quickly unclog the new product development and launch processes while significantly enhance their efficiency and effectiveness.

Industry - Medical Devices

Area – New Product Development and Launch, Global Operations

Service –  Excellence in Operations  

Solutions –  Business Process AssessmentSM      Customer Value IndexSM  

How We Helped

Using Business Process AssessmentSM valueideas analyzed all core and ancillary processes from product concept to post launch, spanning over multiple facilities and functional areas. By calculating Customer Value IndexSM  numbers, we demonstrate tremendous potential for improvement in time to market, productive capacity, development dollar investments and overall competitive differentiation. Our effort involved several internal teams working concurrently. We delivered results in eight weeks.

Value delivered

  • Developed the current-state profiles of the entire system with detailed process flows, time and quality measures, something the organization did not possess

  • Identified numerous opportunities for improvement and prioritized based on their significance and the ability to execute.

  • Because the data was collected by internal teams and reflected reality on the ground, there was tremendous buy-in to our analyses and recommendations by a large cross-section of the organization

  • Created significant organizational awareness to the value of a collaborative, cross-functional culture.