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Strategy Execution Experience Development (SEED), our Custom Executive Education approach is designed to plant seeds for innovation and excellence in an organization.

SEED is specifically tailored for firms to simultaneously educate, train and create innovative solutions to their strategic challenges and opportunities, by leveraging the creativity of executives, managers and high potential employees in an intense and fast paced environment.  

Current State of Executive Education Programs?

  • Frequently, senior managers lament that the executive education programs offered by the leading business schools do not always deliver relative value to their organizations given the investment of time and expense involved
  • Often, business schools programs are not tailored to the client’s needs – they are either driven by the lead professor’s research agenda or fitted into the specific area of the academic interests or tools developed by the program faculty
  • Traditionally,  these programs also require long-term commitments and further engagement of the school faculty to help “develop and implement solutions”, post delivery of the program
  • Given the short shelf-life of the knowledge acquired, these long drawn efforts to create and implement solutions dissipate knowledge, lose momentum, diminish motivation and drive and thus fail to deliver tangible, sustainable value for the client organization

SEED - Custom Executive Education Program Difference

  • Application of the content learned by the participants in the context of the real-life issues in valuelab® - an accelerated, intensely creative and learning environment,  creates an indelible experience and longer and better retention of the knowledge acquired than traditional methods
  • Creation of innovative, executable solutions to the strategic issues and opportunities faster, by leveraging the collective genius of its best and the brightest, is an immediate and highly value-added return for the organization
  • Senior Management of the firm has a realistic and measurable evaluation of the high-potential and the emerging leaders of the company through execution of the solutions developed and their subsequent results
  • Participants are challenged and instilled to build a culture of innovation and excellence, a seed that could be the foundation for a significant transformation in the organization with the potential for sustainable increasing returns on this investment in the future

Program Outline

While the duration of the program may vary with the scope and the complexity of issues, the following steps are typical for a custom developed program.  Each step combines latest research and content expertise relevant to the issues of the firm, with specific hands-on exercises that build on to create innovative, practical solutions and their execution plans.


Typical Steps


 Define - Objectives and Scope 

Day I  Discover – Best concepts, models, practices
Day 2 Decide - Focus of the effort

Day 3 Design - Conceptual models of the potential solution

Day 4 Develop - Detail design of the solution
Day 5 Deploy - Execution plan


Deliver - Implementation and measurement of the results 



Deliver real value faster

  •   ​Executable projects aligned with strategy
  •   Address major issues/opportunities facing the organization
  •   Aligned and committed management team
  •   Reusable execution infrastructure
  •   Accelerated decision making
  •   Access to expertise

Change organizational culture

  •   Focus on innovation and excellence – a culture that strives to be the best in the business
  •   Build and enhance strategic capacity & capabilities - out-innovate and out-execute competition 

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