deeper customer relationships for rapid revenue growth


Developed and helped execute deeper and wider client relationships for rapid growth for a leading ancillary services firm.


Our client, a leading ancillary services firm was facing declining revenues, lost market share and stagnant client base.  Client satisfaction was not improving, and the pipeline of leads was shrinking while the cost of sales still remained high. We were asked to assist in defining growth platforms and help execute them for the company to get back on a growth path. Building deeper client relationships was one of the key platforms for rapid growth.  

Industry – Professional Services, Ancillary Services

Area – Customer Relationships Management

Service –  Sustainable Growth Solutions

Solutions –  ARMS - Account Relationships Management System

How We Helped

Using ARMS, valueideas assessed the revenue base and analyzed customers, their relationship status and calculated their value using the Relationship Index.  We prioritized each account for the account executives and developed a focused strategy for relationship development.  We developed customized execution plans by account executive and by account, a self measurement, monitoring and management system. A training module for the whole organization was created building on our philosophy that everybody contributes to building a strong customer relationship.

Value delivered

  • Assisted in doubling the revenue in two years with sustained growth during subsequent years
  • Increased client portfolio significantly and added some well known companies as clients
  • Helped develop deeper client relationships with recurring sales with a growing percent of clients
  • Achieved higher client satisfaction
  • Registered greater credibility and reputation in the industry​
  • Enhanced execution capabilities and infrastructure significantly

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