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Differentiating strategy development & Execution

Our approach to strategy is to build competitive differentiation in the market place to achieve strategic goals faster and better irrespective of the type or size of an organization. It is just not enough to have a ritualistic "annual retreat" where the senior management team tweaks the previous years' "strategic plan" and hands it over to their direct reports to execute. 

We believe:

Strategy should be the way to leverage your assets such as human, physical, financial, intellectual, as well as your relationships such as alliances, partners and customers, to create market differentiation so that you achieve your goals faster and better.  

Because we believe that the strategy development and execution should be everyone's business in an organization not just the CEO or Senior Management team, we engage a large cross-section of people in the process

Rarely does the strategy happens the way it was planned, simply because assumptions and variables built in any decision do not always pan out, and thus the actual strategy is almost always different than the stated one. That's why we build flexibility in execution to quickly adjust and adapt to the changing conditions, and deliver competitively superior performance.  

The following are some examples of the areas of strategy development:

  • Corporate/Business Unit

  • Technology

  • Sales & Marketing

  • New Products & Services

  • Operations/Supply Chain

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • R&D

  • International & Global

  • Customer Relationship

  • Growth

  • Innovation, including disruptive innovation