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Efficient & Effective clinical Trials


Developed an interactive model for optimization of clinical trials efficiency and effectiveness.


As the size, scope, complexity and the associated costs of clinical trials escalated, the newly merged leading pharmaceutical company was keen on optimizing its combined clinic trials efficiency and effectiveness. The leadership was concerned about the lack of understanding of how its critical resources were allocated to the clinical trials. The senior management team asked us to analyze and understand the drivers of complexity in a clinical trial and to design a resourcing model that maximized the efficiency and effectiveness of its critical resources.

Industry – Pharmaceutical, Biotech

Area – New Product Development and Launch, Clinical Trials, Global Operations, Business Integration

Service –  Operational Excellence    Business Integration

Solutions – Custom Developed

How We Helped

valueideas developed an interactive resource allocation model for clinical trials

  • Studied and analyzed around 300 active clinical trials worldwide.

  • Developed insights into the trends in resource allocation and developed a hypothetical model.

  • Identified global leaders and experts in managing clinical trials and extensively captured their intangible knowledge on the factors driving complexity in clinical trial and their impact.

  • Assimilated this collective knowledge into an interactive model to create an optimized resource allocation mechanism.

  • Tested and validated the resource allocation model against active and new projects

  • Assessed the impact on resource allocation vs. actual projects.

Value delivered

Leveraged organizational knowledge to identify, define key factors effecting clinical trials and their impact on time, duration and cost of critical resources
    •    Developed an interactive model for resource allocation by the complexity of a clinical trial
    •    Build consistent way for all teams across the globe to plan, allocate and manage resources
    •    Demonstrated significant positive impact on productive capacity, effectiveness and cost to the company
    •    Developed an execution roadmap for the company to realize the benefits