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excellence in Operations

Do you know that more than 90% of the time and resources you deploy to deliver your products and service to your customers may be wasteful?

Using our Business Process AssessmentSM tool, we frequently show a tremendous potential for improvement in the Core as well as Supporting processes, in companies of all sizes, products or industries 

Do you know that you may have a potential to improve your operating performance by 17 times?

Our Customer Value IndexSM helps you determine the degree of centricity built in your operations toward your customers.  Our experience across industries is that on an average a company is at a value of six on a scale of 1-100, roughly 17 times the potential for improvement.

Do you believe that you can be the best in your business?

We do! You are probably a good competitive company in your industry. Imagine if you doubled your performance in a short term and have continuous targets to keep doing that, where would you be in your industry?

We'll show you the potential and the path to be the best in your business

Some of our services in this area include: 

  • Cost and Operations Optimization

  • Business Process Design & Re-engineering

  • Operating Models Redesign

  • Compress time to market in Product Development

  • Customer Centricity & Operational Excellence

  • Supply Chain Optimization

  • Operations Improvement for Competitive Differentiation 

  • Six Sigma for Quality & Service Excellence

  • Business Model Alignment

  • Strategically Aligned Information Systems Design, Development & Execution