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executionlabSM- Convert Ideas into Value Fast!

Execution remains a fundamental challenge and also one of the least addressed issues in businesses, management literature and academic curricula. Projects and initiatives that failed to deliver stated values abound, yet accepted as a fait accompli.

The culture of execution is fundamentally important to the very survival of an enterprise. After all what good is a strategy, or a plan if it does not get implemented. And yet, it is common to find excuses for execution failures as bad strategy or some other explanation. Execution requires discipline, capability as well capacity to execute.

Our passion is execution. We strongly believe that what is holding back a company's success is not the lack of ideas but its inability to execute those ideas and convert into value.

What is executionlabSM ?

executionlab is a structured approach to building the capacity, as well as the capability, to execute wide ranging initiatives in an organization faster and with better results. The execution infrastructure developed is reusable for future projects and delivers on-going value to the organization.

What do we do?

Utilizing our experience across multiple environments in various industries, we immediately focus on some common challenges and determine the unique circumstances in your environment. The following is a typical process we follow:

  • Understand and address the barriers to execution including organizational politics

  • Define or redefine the scope of the effort, usually incorporating missing dimensions, the absence of which may doom the project or sub-optimize the eventual value creation

  • Engage the senior management team and define accountability structure

  • Design and build an infrastructure to manage, measure, and maintain the current and for future executions

  • Using value lab® 
    • Compress decision-making time to deliver results by as much as 80%,

    • Engage all stakeholders necessary for the successful execution

    • Build tremendous buy-in and consensus among stakeholders

    • Develop consensus driven execution plans with clearly defined roles, timeline and accountability

    • Instill the culture of execution and innovation

  • Assist teams and senior management throughout execution

  • Transfer our skills to the internal teams for sustainability

Benefits of executionlabSM

  • Build a culture of execution and innovation that has the potential to deliver on-going value well beyond our engagement

  • Deliver faster and better results via execution of critical projects or initiatives

  • Build a sustainable infrastructure for successful executions for future initiatives

  • Increase execution capacity by prioritizing, rationalizing and assimilation of existing projects

  • Transfer our skills and enhance execution capabilities of the organization.