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executive education to create superior value


Strategy Execution Experience DevelopmentSM (SEED) program speedily delivers innovative solutions to selected strategic challenges by contextually applying specifically tailored content and the collective genius of the firm in a highly accelerated and intensely creative valuelab® environment. This intense application of the content to create solutions to real-life challenges facing a firm, indelibly enhances the knowledge retention and the experience of the participants of the program.


Execution education offered by the leading business schools is a dilemma and challenge to the senior managers. On one hand it helps to educate the up and coming executives and may help in their retention, but it also enhances their personal credential with a “certificate” from well-known business schools, which may increase their market appeal and encourage departure. For all its investment in time, resources and money, the firm itself gets little or no tangible return.

valueideas designed and developed a custom executive education approach, Strategy Execution Experience DevelopmentSM (SEED) that would significantly enhance the program value for the participants and their companies alike.  

Industry –  Executive Education

Area –  All areas of management

Service –  Custom Executive Education

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                      Strategy Execution Experience Development (SEED)SM    

How We Helped

We reviewed various programs offered by the leading business schools to understand models, modes, scope of offerings and potential value creation.  We developed a generic model of the program that represented most of the programs offered. We designed and built a custom education model that encourages deeper engagement of a firm’s senior managers in defining strategic challenges and program objectives; a balanced integration of the content and its application in valuelab®, a fast paced intense  environment for innovative solution creation; clear roles and responsibilities of the faculty and the solution creation team; and the expected outcomes and deliverables.   We sought advice and insights of the leading business academics and professionals, tested the model for various situations and fine-tuned for execution.

Value delivered

  • Assisted a top business school, one of the largest providers of executive education programs in the world, in developing and winning the proposal for custom executive education program with a leading global company.  The competition included incumbent, the best known business school, and others among the top 5 business schools in the world.  
  • SEEDSM is a response to the concerns about the current executive education models and is specifically designed to deliver innovative, executable solutions to a firm’s strategic challenges by leveraging the collective genius of its best and brightest.
  • SEEDSM significantly enhances the value of the program by delivering specific innovative solutions for the similar or less investment in time and resources as traditional programs
  • SEEDSM provides a clear basis to evaluate the firm’s management talent in an actual setting where results are defined and measured 
  • SEEDSM helps seed a culture of innovation, excellence and result orientation, the long-term value of this intangible benefit may far exceed any thing else