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global operating model for rapid growth


Developed a global operating model with regional, country and local level customizations for a leading pharmaceutical company that maximized its competitive differentiation for rapid growth in each of its major market.


The company had grown rapidly with offices in major cities in the world. The international offices primarily served as the distribution channels for the U.S. centric products. The competition was increasingly eroding the company’s market share in some key markets. The CEO asked us to review the international operations and recommend a model that would help spur rapid growth internationally.

Industry – Pharmaceutical

Area – Global Operations

Service –  Sustainable Growth Solutions    Excellence in Operations

Solutions – Custom Developed

How We Helped

valueideas analyzed internal operations and operating structures; major competitor’s business models and strategies; trends and other influencing factors in each of the major regions globally. We developed and recommended an overall global model with regional operating structure and customizations at country and local levels for product, service, cost and other competitive differentiations.

Value delivered

  • Identified the key factors in the internal operations by region that were limiting competitive capabilities and recommended immediate to short term fixes

  • Developed a global operating model that would build on the competitive strengths of the company and drive consistency and brand image globally

  • Created customized models based on competition, local, national and regional factors that would optimize resources and deliver competitive differentiation

  • Our recommendations led to redesign of the company’s international operations into a global structure with regional, country and local strategies, operations and resources.