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growth platforms for rapid growth


Developed and helped execute growth platforms for explosive growth for a leading executive search firm.  


Our client, a leading executive search firm was facing stagnated growth for the past few years as its competitive differentiation had minimized in a very competitive industry.  The management was at a cross-road and needed to outline a clear direction and strategy to grow. We were asked to assist in defining growth strategies and help execute them for the company to get back on a growth path.   

Industry – Professional Services, Executive Search

Area – Strategy, Operations, Sales & Marketing, Information Technology, Customer Relations

Service –  Sustainable Growth Solutions

Solutions –  valuelab®      executionlabSM

How We Helped

valueideas conducted a detailed review of the company’s clients, level and state of relationships, competitors, internal strengths and assets etc. We studied the industry and broader trends that had and could impact our client's business environment.  We developed insights into the opportunities and potential areas of focus.

We conducted the growthlab involving a cross-section of people from the client company and explored, refined and developed multiple platforms for growth. We narrowed down the platforms to a few high potential areas and developed an execution plan with resources, timeline and expected outcomes.

Using executionlab, we built an infrastructure for execution including execution teams, a performance measurement system, decision making structure and feedback mechanisms.  We helped the senior management team in decision making, as needed, through out the execution.

Value delivered

  • The revenues more than doubled in two years with sustained growth during subsequent years
  • Significantly increased client portfolio
  • Deepened client relationships with more frequent recurring sales with a growing percent of clients
  • Reached higher client satisfaction
  • Enhanced client credibility and reputation in the industry
  • Significantly enhanced execution capabilities and structures​