growth strategy & business model

for a new business


Designed growth strategies and a business model for the newly conceptualized professional services business for a leading media and advertising company


Our client, a leading media and advertising company was concerned that its competitors were

penetrating its client base with consulting service offerings adjacent to its own services. The management was interested in creating synergistic, value-adding services and generate new revenue streams with its clients with whom it had deep and longer lasting relationships.  We were asked to create a new business model that would make the company meet its objectives of deeper and wider client relationships while being more competitive in consulting services independently. 

Industry – Media, Advertising, Consulting Services

Area – New Business Model, New Service Development

Service – Differentiating Strategy    Sustainable Growth Solutions

Solutions –  growthlabSM

How We Helped

During Phase I, valueideas did an inventory of the firm’s major assets including its core capabilities, alliances, partnerships, geographic capabilities etc.  We interviewed key customers and developed insights as to the needs and expectations. We studied the competitors and their services and potential gaps in the offerings. We developed a profile of business opportunities based on unmet and under met needs of its clients.   

During Phase II, valueideas conducted the growthlabSM, involving internal stakeholders, alliance partners and service providers to create growth strategies, a supportive business model,  portfolio of services that would optimize the competencies and assets of the firm and would build a strong value proposition for its clients. We developed an execution plan with timelines, milestones and revenue targets.

Value delivered

  • Designed and delivered a new business model for competitive differentiation
  • Developed a portfolio of services for this new organization leveraging competencies and assets of the company
  • Created an execution plan that would increase revenues significantly
  • Built significant buy-in and support of the senior managers from multiple divisions
  • Generated enthusiasm and commitment from the employees  

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