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We are in the age of instant communication with technologies that help us access the world of data, information and knowledge virtually from anywhere anytime. These revolutionary ideas and products have dramatically  changed and continue to change the way we live. 

Arguably, it is the growth platform thinking that brought us these incredible products and services.

Steve Jobs became a legend in developing and launching innovative products that "wowed" the customers. While not everyone has his imagination, creativity and access to resources, nor did we understand the workings of his mind, his approach to launching a series of customer friendly products that dominated the market can be analyzed, learned from and emulated.

Let’s take a simplified look at what he did. Consciously or otherwise, Steve was attuned to the dissatisfaction of an average consumer with the products they were using and understood how to address those needs and their evolution over time, let us call this the Customer Dissatisfaction Platform. In parallel, he understood the current state of technology and its capabilities, and its evolutionary path, let’s call this the Technology Platform.  He married those two platforms, customer needs and technology capabilities and created an evolutionary path to launch a series of products from iPod to iPhone to iPad and other concepts rumored to be in Apple’s pipeline, that defined new categories and markets which left the competition scrambling and made Apple the most valuable company in history.

A few decades earlier, Sony had used the similar platforms approach to become the most innovative company of its generation by launching a series of highly successful electronic products that changed the way we did things, from stationary products like large radios to miniaturized mobile products such as transistor radios, Walkmans, cameras, camcorders, and televisions.

Sony's innovations in platforms such as technology miniaturization and mobility, among others, laid foundation and led us to Steve Jobs and where we are today.

Growth Platforms are powerful tools to fire up your growth engines to dominate markets and has the potential to create new markets altogether.

What do we do?
We help develop individual and multi-layered growth platforms and their execution plans for launching waves of products for market differentiation and potential dominance with escalating revenues and profitability 

How we do it?

growthlabSM is an innovative approach in delivering major growth platforms and their execution plans faster.

Our approach is logically divided in to four phases:

Phase I Discovery - Identify major trends in such areas as your industry and the segment, technology and its direction, customers and drivers of dissatisfaction etc.

Phase II Develop Growth Platforms – Using our proprietary valuelab®, we bring a large cross-section of knowledgeable people to identify, refine and develop a number innovative ideas, concepts and models to create potential growth platforms

Phase III Decide on Growth Platforms – Using both qualitative and quantitative analyses as well as collective judgment of the executive team to select the growth platforms for execution 

Phase IV Deploy Growth Platforms – Develop resourced execution plans with timelines, milestones and expected results.