Need for Healthcare Innovation Center®

  • Healthcare industry is highly fragmented with a few national players and a large number of regional and local players. Many of these organizations face common challenges and yet they are not competitors. This uniqueness in the industry lends itself to greater collaboration to create innovative solutions for common challenges across the industry 
  • There is a lack of an effective mechanism to gather, capture, learn, apply, disseminate the good ideas that are being developed and practiced in the industry
  • Many of the local and regional organizations are creating innovative solutions, yet there is a lack of a platform in the industry to take the disparate strands of innovation, coalesce them and build on them to create comprehensive multi-dimensional innovative solutions that could benefit individual companies and the industry as a whole
  • While healthcare is not unique, execution remains a fundamental challenge in the industry.  Numerous industry associations and forums highlight best practices and case studies, but the lack of capacity and often the capabilities to execute such ideas in an individual organization is the source of major frustration among many CEOs
  • Healthcare is still an insular and inwardly-focused industry by its nature, thus preventing itself from learning from other industries and drive innovation. A large number of ideas are regurgitated and recycled
  • Our conversations with the leaders and CEOs in the industry has validated that there is a clear need for an execution-oriented organization that helps develop innovative solutions faster, execute them, measure results and disseminate across industry to make tangible gains in performance

Our Commitment

Applying our belief that Innovation is the creativity of a diverse group of knowledgeable people (collective genius), applied to create new solutions to specific issues or opportunities that deliver tangible and superior value; we are committed to help design, develop and execute innovative and collaborative solutions for the betterment of an individual or a group of organizations or the entire healthcare industry.

Healthcare Innovation Center®  Mission

Helping individual organizations and the industry in delivering care with greater efficacy, excellent patient experience and cost efficiency to improve health and the healthcare. 

Healthcare Innovation Center® Concept

Healthcare Innovation Center® (HIC) is an execution-oriented collaborative environment that defines, designs, develops and implements leading-edge innovative and transformative solutions to the common strategic issues faced by the industry. 

Our approach includes learning from current best practices, ideas and concepts within the industry, and combining with applicable practices, ideas and concepts from other industries to create a knowledge repository of the best thinking on the common strategic issues and opportunities facing the healthcare industry.  

Using this knowledge as an input into valuelab®, we challenge the combined genius of a large and diverse group of participants with the relevant knowledge, experience and skills to create innovative and transformative solutions faster that are:


1. Far superior to anything that exists today

2. Practical and executable

3. Customizable for execution by participating/willing organizations

4. Monitored, measured and shared

Healthcare Innovation Center® Purpose

An entity that is dedicated to improving the performance by creating implementation–ready,innovative solutions for the issues faced by the participating organizations as individuals or as a group for the betterment of the entire healthcare industry. 

Dedicated:The primary purpose is to create practical solutions for the critical issues identified 

Implementation-Ready: Detailed work plans, timelines, and resource requirements for the solutions developed for faster and better results

Innovative Solutions: Create break-through solutions by leveraging the combined genius of the best of the talent of the participating organizations along with the leading external expertise

Participating Organizations: Individual or a group of firms dealing with common issues, challenges and opportunities

What is New or Different?

While there are numerous organizations that provide platforms and discussions on issues, HIC differs in the following profound ways:

  • Primary purpose is creating solutions not lobbying or advocacy
  • Collaborative innovative solutions by capitalizing on experience, expertise, and genius of the best talent within the partner organizations
  • Explicit focus on implementation
  • Strong bias for performance improvement
  • Focus on delivering faster and better results
  • Leverage ideas and solutions from other industries
  • Customize implementation plan to individual participant organization
  • Build strategic capabilities and capacities for execution
  • Create culture of innovation and excellence
  • Enhance thought and industry leadership
  • Share solutions for the wider industry use

Benefits to the CEO and Senior Management 

  • Provide a platform to identify, discuss, prioritize and create focus on strategic issues with peers
  • Develop common understanding and approaches on critical issues with peers
  • Test new ideas/solutions with peers in a risk free environment
  • Learn about practices and solutions that others have successfully deployed
  • Interact with experts from within as well outside industry
  • Build deeper professional and personal relationships with peers
  • Enhance reputation and leadership status in the industry

Benefits to the Participating Organizations

  • Faster and better return on investment
    • Faster, more innovative and better solution creation than individual efforts
    • Faster and implementation-ready work plans
    • Faster and more successful implementations
    • Faster results and value creation
  • Create innovative solutions using knowledge, ideas and capabilities of the best and the brightest from within and outside each firm
  • Foster wider and deeper networking across partner organizations
    • Benchmark peers, learn and apply practices and solutions
    • Cross-pollination of ideas/solutions
  • Develop common understanding of industry issues
  • Create a culture of innovation
    • valuelab® process and environment promotes
      • Breakthrough thinking
      • Encouragement for calculated risk taking and testing
      • Respect for differing points of views and ideas
      • Innovation through iteration, refinement and assimilation of ideas
      • Engagement of a larger cross-section of the organization 
  • Build strategic capabilities and capacities for execution
  • Execute fully developed solutions to major issues
  • Enhance thought-leadership
  • Promote leading industry solutions

Healthcare Innovation Center® Service Models 

Healthcare Innovation Center's services are designed to create and execute innovative solutions by leveraging skills, knowledge and expertise of the participants, the collective genius, with faster and sustainable results.

I Individual Solutions 

Healthcare Innovation Center helps create innovative solutions to the challenges covering a wide spectrum of management areas in all major sectors of healthcare industry including health plans, integrated systems, hospitals and clinics, ancillary service providers, biotech and pharmaceuticals, medical devices companies etc. 

II Collaborative Solutions 

Healthcare Innovation Center is designed to create collaborative solutions to the common challenges faced by participating organizations.  Some examples include:

Collaborative Solutions for the Sector Specific Challenges

This model is designed for organizations from the similar sector of healthcare such as a group of Health Plans or Hospitals and Clinics or Integrated Systems or Employers.

Healthcare Innovation Center brings participating organizations together around a common issue or challenge. We learn best practices, ideas and concepts from each of the organization as well as the wider industry best practices. Using this knowledge we challenge the collective genius of the participating organizations' best and the brightest to create solutions that are well beyond the industry best practices.  

We customize execution plans for each organization based on their status and culture, create a monitoring and measurement infrastructure for deeper collaboration among participants and long term sustainability of the results.

Collaborative Solutions for the Cross Sector Challenges 

The Healthcare Innovation Center is perfectly placed to address major issues that cross boundaries and require comprehensive cross sector solutions and necessitate collaboration among the continuum of care players. The issues may include Overall Cost, Payment Models, Quality Measures, Patient Care Effectiveness etc.  Depending upon the issue and the scope, the participants may include Payers, Providers, Employers, Pharmaceuticals, Ancillary Service Providers etc.

The Healthcare Innovation Center is a powerful platform to address major challenges facing the healthcare industry and create collaborative solutions faster that are innovative and practical, leverage the collective genius of the participating organizations to create solutions that are well beyond the industry best practices, build tremendous buy-in of the participants and thus improve the probability of successful implementation. 

The Healthcare Innovation Center is designed to measure and monitor results of the implementations among the participant organizations.  These results would then be refined and tested for the wider dissemination and betterment of the entire industry.  

Healthcare Innovation Center® Participation Options

Individual Solutions

Please CONTACT us for creating leading-edge solutions by firing up dormant creativity of your organization and building a culture of innovation and excellence.

Collaborative Solutions

Please seriously consider joining us in our mission for better health and healthcare, a winning proposition for your patients, customers, partners, employees, company and for the entire industry.  We have several options for participation including:

1. Subscription-Based Participation 

Annual subscription for the finite number of non-competing firms to participate in creating collaborative solutions to the common issues and/or opportunities.

Benefits include:

  • Ability to select and prioritize issues for solution creation
  • Learn from each other, the industry and other industries - best practices, concepts and ideas
  • Fully participate in collaborative solution creation
  • Access to solution and customized implementation plan for each participant 
  • Build trusting relationships with peers among participating firms
  • Deeper and wider collaborative relationships at multiple levels among participating companies
  • Frequent update on implementation status of and lessons learned from the participants

2. Issue Specific Participation

Open to all organizations who choose to participate based on issues of their interest.

Benefits include:

  • Access to generic best practices information on the issue
  • Participation in collaborative solution creation
  • Access to the solution and its generic implementation plan
  • Build networks and relationships with peers among the participating firms
  • Periodic update on implementation status of the participating firms

3. Access Ready-To-Use Solutions

In this option you choose not to participate in solution creation, but have access to the collaborative solutions created by your peers.

Benefits include:

  • Access to solution and its generic implementation plan
  • Periodic updates on implementation status of participating firms

4. Attend Seminars, Webinars or other Presentations

In this option, you choose to learn and understand issues, opportunities, solutions and results by attending information sessions offered by Healthcare Innovation Center® using various platforms.

Benefits include:

  • Learn about issues, opportunities, solutions, insights, experiences and results on critical issues 

Healthcare Innovation Center® Capabilities & Solutions

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