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Developed the model to spur innovation, growth and cost efficiency via a globally flexible resourcing organization for the merged but culturally very diverse giant companies with global footprint.


One of the largest mergers of two giant companies, the largest biotech company and one of the largest pharmaceutical companies with very diverse cultures, had created huge uncertainty in the Development areas. On top of that a recent leadership change had created additional uncertainty about the combined company's direction and focus. In this very complex and sensitive environment, we were asked to identify issues, analyze performance and recommend an organizational design for a globally flexible resourcing organization for the merged company that would help achieve aggressive goals.

Industry – Merger Pharmaceutical, Biotech

Area – Merger Integration, New Product Development and Launch, Global Operations

Service –  Excellence in Operations    Business Integration    Change Management

Solutions – Custom Developed

How We Helped

valueideas developed a phased approach to the project.

Phase I – We assessed the cultures, organization designs, global operations, structures, roles and responsibilities, policies, markets and other relevant issues of both companies that may impact the new design. We defined major components of a potential global design and developed a set of recommendations

Phase II – We developed Position Profiles by conducting detailed analyses of all major roles by location, by franchise covering all development centers around the globe representing around 300 clinical trials. We developed Professional Profiles by designing a database and an instrument to capture experience, capabilities and aspirations of all professionals globally. We developed a Resourcing Model for globally flexible resourcing and recommendations for its execution.

Value delivered

  • Identified the culturally sensitive issues for both the companies in the merger, demonstrated commonalities and built enthusiasm for a common global organization

  • Showed a huge potential for performance improvement by developing profiles for the positions that demonstrated variations, inefficiencies, strengths and weaknesses of each system.

  • Built a career progression pathway for professionals by capturing their experience, capabilities and aspirations, something lacking in the insular structures of both organizations

  • Designed a database and a mechanism to capture and update organizational capabilities to better position for their optimum use and drive competitive advantage

  • Developed a globally flexible resourcing model to optimize the productive capacity while incorporating the capabilities, aspirations, life style and geographic preferences of the professional staff in the merged company.