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Mergers & Acquisition IntegRATION

Strategic Capability for Superior Value Creation

The numbers are well known – most acquisitions fail to deliver their stated value. However, the reasons for these wasted opportunities to create superior value and competitive distinction are not so well known.

Why do Mergers & Acquisitions fail?

Below are some of the reasons:

  • M&A as a strategy is vague and unspecified

  • Treated as series of “projects” rather than part of an integrated strategy

  • Lack of a strategic focus, end up managing a series of unfocused acquisitions

  • M&A as a tool to purchase asset or growth without regard to creating strategic value

  • Exclusive focus on due diligence of financial, legal, tax and operating issues, and not validating the strategic vision

  • Lack of engagement of the key, multi-functional players who would deliver value, as more information is available

  • Sucked into the current state evaluation without regard to the future state operating models

  • Frozen valuation targets as the integration starts, the targets set early on when the information was unreliable or suggested by external sources, leads to expectations to the lowest common denominator without regard to synergies and opportunities

  • Rigid methodologies for integration where regimented processes ignore uniqueness and synergies for the sake of “efficiency”

  • Lack of reassessment of the value creation opportunities throughout the life cycle of the deal.

Our Belief

Acquisition is an important tool for growth. But buying companies without an overall strategy can lead to operational mess. We believe a merger or an acquisition is a significant endeavor, a life event in the life of a company. Its reverberations are all across the ecosystems of the both the acquirer and the acquiree. There are high expectations of change by the stakeholders of both the involved parties – a prime opportunity when anticipation and acceptance for change make it much easier to do it. We believe it is a colossal waste of opportunity to not leverage this energy to make significant strategic gains.

The valueideas®  Difference

We believe that M&A should be a strategic capability and a competitive differentiator like R&D, Marketing etc., and as such should be a disciplined, dedicated and integral part of the overall strategy. We strive to build both the capacity and the capabilities to create competitive differentiation through M&A by

  • Developing focused M&A strategy

  • Building capabilities and reputation as the acquirer of choice

  • Identifying greater value in deals – way beyond traditional valuation

  • Expanding traditional due diligence to include synergies, assets and opportunities for the combined entity

  • During due diligence, armed with more information, we engage key players in validating the value proposition, identify pitfalls and developing potential business models for the combined entity

  • Immediately after deal closure, we engage a large cross-section of people from both organizations and leverage their creative energy and collective genius to develop leading edge innovative designs and solutions for the combined entity for integration

  • During integration and through out the life cycle, we help evaluate opportunities for further value creation, design and execute solutions for continuously delivering greater return on investment

Deliver Superior Value

valueideas® delivers multi-dimensional value, when accumulated, that is far superior to the traditional methods deployed.


  • Better and faster results

  • Innovative and leading-edge solutions

  • Tremendous buy-in of a large cross-section of people

  • Infrastructure sustainable long-after we are gone


  • Faster results – reduction in time by as much as 80% to traditional methods

  • Significantly reduced total resource investment

  • Total cost is a fraction of the traditional methods


  • We strive to make our engagements as the one of the best experiences you've ever had