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M&A Strategy for Optimum value creation


Developed and helped execute Mergers & Acquisition strategy as a platform for explosive growth for a leading professional services firm.


Our client, a leading professional services firm was facing stagnated growth for the past few years as its competitive differentiation had minimized in a very competitive industry. The management was at a cross-road and needed to define a clear direction and strategy to grow. We were asked to assist in defining growth platforms and help execute them for the company to get back on a growth path.  M&A was one of the key platforms for firing up growth engines in the company   

Industry – Professional Services

Area – Mergers & Acquisitions, Educating Executives

Service –  Sustainable Growth Solutions    Differentiating Strategy

Solutions –  M&A Strategic Value Creation Capability

How We Helped

valueideas developed an M&A strategy aligned with the overall business strategy to create synergies leading to optimal results. We developed the criteria and mechanism to filter, so that the client pursues only those opportunities that were fully aligned with the focus and strategy. The valuation criteria that we developed went well beyond the cost-only focus to include strategic factors that drive better synergies and value creation.  The due diligence process included factors beyond traditional areas such as operations, financial and legal. We enhanced integration capacity and capabilities to deliver faster and better value to the merged entity

Value delivered

  • Created the M&A strategy aligned and synergistic to the business strategy, rather than ad-hoc acquisitions without focus that don’t deliver expected values
  • Tightened the focus on the acquisition criteria that is aligned with the overall strategy
  • Explored synergies and opportunities to learn from each other and enhance the overall performance post merger
  • Developed a disciplined approach to merger integration that is faster and better in value creation and builds commitment and enthusiasm of the employees of the integrated company
  • ​Educated and trained executive team for sustainable value creation