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maximizing critical resources for not-for-profits


Since its inception, valueideas has contributed significant time and resources to help numerous charitable and not-for-profit organizations develop strategies and infrastructures to provide greatest value to their clients with the limited resources they have.


Like businesses, charitable and not-for-profit organizations need to maximize the impact of the finite resources with greater efficiency and effectiveness and grow their services and funds to support them.  Unlike businesses, these organizations are usually dependent on governments, foundations, corporations and individuals to generate revenues.  Many of these organizations were hit particularly hard during the recession as their funding sources dried up.

In this challenging economic environment,  the need for charitable and not-for-profit organizations  to do an   exceptional job of maintaining and growing their services is extra-ordinary.

Industry – Not-For Profit

Area –  Board of Directors, Strategy, New Business Model, Operational Excellence 

Service –  Sustainable Growth Solutions    Operational Excellence   

                  Custom ExecutiveEducation

Solutions –  valuelab®      executionlabSM   growthlabSM

How We Helped

valueideas contributes a significant amount of time and resources to help charitable and not-for-profit organizations, because we believe that they are often in greater need to manage their finite resources more efficiently and effectively given their business models. 

We have assisted a variety of charitable and not-for-profit organizations over the years.  We bring our passion and energy and challenge the Board of Directors and organizations to be the best in their business. We help develop differentiating strategies and create plans to execute them with speed.  We have helped organizations to execute the strategies and built performance measurement and management systems for sustainable results including education and training of executives & the Boards. 

For example, we have used the power of valuelab® to engage and leverage collective
genius of large cross-section of the community resources and develop differentiating strategies, new business models, revenue growth and funding platforms etc. with the intent to be the best in their business.

Similarly, we have used executionlabSM to develop resourced and time-lined execution
plans and built performance management systems for faster implementation, quicker results that are sustainable for longer terms. 

Frequently, we educate and train the boards and the executives alike in various issues and management disciplines specific to the need for sustainable performance well after our involvement is over.

Value delivered

Below are some examples:

  • Helped the American Red Cross chapter develop growth strategies to use resources more efficiently and effectively. We helped develop a performance measurement and management system and dashboards for the Board of Directors, executive staff and managers
  • Helped a park district sponsored city beautification organization in developing strategies and an execution plan to be the best in their field.  It subsequently won the national and international awards in its category
  •  Assisted the Board of Directors of a religious school system, that was dysfunctional and unable to address many issues facing the system.  We challenged the board to be the best in their business and develop strategies and plans to achieve that.  In a short time, the school became one of the fastest growing in the region.  Today it is considered among the best schools in the region with the highest and fastest growing enrollment.
  • Helped one of the largest family services organizations in Chicago develop strategies and execution plans to be the best service organization in the area with expanding services in a revenue declining environment.
  • Assisted the leading not-for-profit hospice in developing strategies and execution plan to provide expanded services that differentiate from several new competitors entering the market.
  • Assisted numerous other not-for-profits and charitable organizations in developing and executing strategies for more efficient and effective utilization of resources to deliver better and enhanced services.