Optimized portfolio for strategic growth


Refined, optimized and aligned portfolio of projects to deliver strategic direction and aggressive growth for the leading financial services company


Our client, a leading financial services company had aggressive growth goals requiring the biggest bang for the investment dollars in several concurrent strategic initiatives deemed critical to its success.  The projects' investment and their completion timing scenarios were unaligned to the strategy and were causing uncertainty about the future direction. We proposed to develop a balanced portfolio that would deliver products and services aligned with strategic direction, meet revenue milestones, and reduce uncertainty for planning and investment decisions.   

Industry – Financial Services, Credit Rating

Area – Portfolio Planning and Management

Service –  Sustainable Growth Solutions    Differentiating Strategy

Solutions –  Portfolio Planning & OptimizationSM

How We Helped

valueideas conducted a detailed review of some 40 projects, including understanding of each project status, category of product/service, strategic fit, expected completion date, expected value and life cycle, issues and challenges, investment and resource requirements etc. We assessed the strategies and outcomes to deliver the desired results over an extended timeline.  We refined the project selection screens with tight alignment with the strategy. We developed lenses to balance the project durations, expected revenues, competitive advantage and the investment scenarios. We plotted the projects against the expected outcomes and balanced the portfolio to align with the strategy. We developed scenarios and strategies for product and services launch in the short, medium and long-term and the related investments. The end product was a fully-aligned and optimized product portfolio that supported long-term growth strategy, key strategic measures and resourced execution plan with timelines. 

Value delivered

  • Reduced future uncertainty for the senior management in planning and critical decision making such as M&A and the key strategic investments
  • Created a fully optimized, balanced portfolio that was aligned with the business strategies and expected outcomes
  • Defined resource and investment plan for better planning and execution  at department/function levels
  • Provided a product and service development and acquisition direction that streamlined processes and system for launch and delivery
  • Designed a balanced R&D strategy that allocated resources for immediate/short term projects to long term strategic investments

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