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optimum Network value model for

global products


Designed and developed interactive network models that improved probability of successful global launch for high tech products while maximizing potential for value creation for each of the partner in the network. 


Our client, the leader in high tech industry, had developed new products with potential for global mass appeal. The products involved several new technologies developed by our client as well as its partners in the ecosystem.  The challenge was to successfully launch these products globally while demonstrating the value of this unique collaboration to the company's partners for these and future opportunities.  We were challenged by the management to develop a launch strategy and model that would maximize value for all the network partners.    

Industry – High Tech, Mobile Technology

Area –  Global Product Development and Launch

Service –  Sustainable Growth Solutions

Solutions – Custom

How We Helped

valueideas studied the entire value chain of the products and analyzed the potential value creation by the major network partners. We designed and tested initial models involving each partner and fine –tuned them.  We finalized, designed and developed a model that maximized the value for each partner. We created interactive models by product that would help engage customers in designing the system to their needs, price it for them and in the process would create significant buy-in.   We helped pilot, test and refine the final products with a few potential customers. 

Value delivered

  • Developed the new business model that helped improve collaborative product development involving multiple partners in the ecosystem
  • Created the interactive model that demonstrated value creation across the value chain, powerful tool to manage and refine sales and profitability
  • Demonstrated value creation for the customers using a powerful interactive engagement tool  leading to a very high close ratio
  • Provided reusable models for future products and services
  • Developed interactive, easy to use product for field sales and marketing professionals