Our innovation centers

Consistent with Our Vision, Our Missionand combined with Our Capabilities and Our Solutions, we have developed the Innovation Center models to deliver superior value to the businesses and organizations of all sizes and types and select industries. 

Applying our belief that Innovation is the creativity of a diverse group of knowledgeable people (collective genius), applied to create new solutions to specific issues or opportunities that deliver tangible and superior value, our Innovation Centers are designed to create leading-edge innovative and collaborative solutions for critical issues facing an individual organization, and/or a group of organizations as well as an entire industry. 

The purpose of the Center for Business Innovation is to help companies and organizations of all sizes and types become the best in their business by capitalizing on the creative potential of their employees, partners, suppliers and customers etc. who form their ecosystem.

Our industry models, Healthcare Innovation Center® and the Center for Aerospace

& Defense Innovation®, are designed to the unique needs of the respective industry

and help create collaborative and innovative solutions to the complex challenges

confronting them.  

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