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population healthiness index (Φ)℠

a powerful tool for Engagement, Cost EFFiciency, improved health & healthcare


Developed a simple but powerful SINGLE measure  for health and vitality of a Whole Person, with multiple factors and dimensions, for individuals, groups, employers and other entities for greater engagement, cost efficiency, better health and healthcare for all.


Our client, a leading healthplan, a part of a leading healthcare system, was operating in a very competitive environment.  The employers and brokers were evaluating competitive plans purely on the basis of cost, and thus putting enormous pressure and focus on the cost for our client. Our client, like many others in the industry, had made, and continued to make, huge investments in the areas of patient care and member engagement, but the value of these efforts was not part of the calculus for retaining and or winning business.

Industry – All including Healthcare, Healthplans, Integrated systems

Area – Business Strategy, Customer and Consumer Engagement, Sales & Marketing, Strategy, Innovation etc.

Service –  Healthcare Innovation Center®

Solutions –   Population Healthiness Index (Φ)℠

How We Helped

valueideas started by exploring the following questions:

  • How do we create a measure that can be used both internally and externally and yet be easy to understand?
  • How do we have meaningful conversations with employers/members on productivity and health improvements rather than cost alone?

valueideas studied varies measures prevalent in the industry and concluded that they were too complex and did not address the needs of an employer who has to make decisions on the healthcare costs that are unpredictably changing.  These measures did not adequately address the needed incentives or direction to improve the health and productivity while reducing the uncertainty for the management.

valueideas developed the Population Healthiness Index (Φ)℠, a single measure that gives the relative status of health, vitality, productivity and cost for an individual, group, company, or any other entity for which the data exists. 

  • It is fact based, elegantly simple, easily understood, and calculable. 
  • It is a measure of the Whole Person, with multiple dimensions and factors, both clinical and non clinincal  
  • It is consistent across populations, time zones, size or risk factors. 

Value delivered

  • Changes narrative from cost (negative) to health, wellness and productivity (positive)
  • Reduces complexity to a single number and focuses attention on issues and solutions
  • Identifies easily understandable targets for improvement​
  • Promotes collaboration among employers, members, providers, payers and others for the common goals
  • Compares to peers and other applicable subsets of population and helps spur competition and set stretched goals for vitality, productivity and cost
  • Creates visible results for powerful reinforcement and motivation to improve health, productivity and cost.