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PPO - portfolio planning & optimizationSM

Critical Bridge Between Strategy & Execution

Can you relate to one or more of the following situations?

Your time to market for products and services has gone up or is competitively inferior

You had increased product failures i.e. products failed to deliver expected value

Your new products and services portfolio is just a modification or extension of the existing products

You have not launched a significant new product or service lately

Your products and services are not aligned with your strategy

Your strategic imperatives have taken longer than  planned and have not delivered value as anticipated

You are always resource constrained to execute projects

Your people are extremely busy working on a number of projects simultaneously

These are some of the indicators of dysfunctional or missing portfolio planning and optimization system, pointing to the underlying causes such as:
  • People and resources too thinly spread out,
  • Organization has too  many projects on hand and/or in the pipeline,  
  • Low to mediocre value projects are starving significant projects,
  • Projects are not strategically aligned

Frequently these causes expose the lack of management disciplines such as:

  • Rigorous project selection criteria,
  • Strong go/kill screens, preventing emotions and politics from project selection,
  • Strategically aligned project selection approaches,
  • And most frequently, balanced approach to optimize project portfolio for greater value creation.    .

We strongly believe that the portfolio management is the critical bridge between strategy and execution and thus a major determinant if the strategy will deliver its intended results.  While it is common to see firms using some selection criteria for projects to be considered for resourcing, many lack the disciplined approach to kill/go decisions and thus perpetuate projects and expend critical time and resources at the cost of starving good projects.

While a strong selection criteria is necessary to create a portfolio of projects for execution, without balancing for strategic priorities, the diminished value creation and competitiveness are assured.

valueideas helps in creating strong selection screens for projects for the portfolio, build lenses that are aligned with strategy and help balance the portfolio for both short-term and longer term value by:


  • Optimizing the balanced portfolio to deliver the maximum value to the organization
  • Creating a measurement and management structure that is aligned with the key strategic measures.
  • Developing a high-level execution plan with timelines and associated value creation.  

We help build the bridge between the strategy and execution that delivers results and sustainable value.