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Redesigned service delivery for customer centricity


Redesigned the entire service delivery value-chain involving all major and supporting business processes for a leading healthcare company for customer centricity


Our client, a regional healthplan is the leader in a very competitive market with some very large, national players. The management desired to build a sustainable competitive differentiation by providing excellent customer relations. valueideas was asked to help in this endeavor.

Industry – Healthcare, Healthplans, Integrated Systems

Area –   Service Delivery Value Chain

Service –  Operational Excellence    Change Management

Solutions –  Business Process AssessmentSM      Customer Value IndexSM    
                       valuelab®      executionlabSM

How We Helped

We developed a phased approach to the project.

Phase I – Using Business Process AssessmentSM, valueideas documented all major core processes in the service delivery value chain and several hundred sub-processes for their current performance. We were assisted by internal process teams to document and collect performance data. We analyzed the data and developed an overall profile of the organization. We determined the Customer Value Index​SM to measure the value delivered from a customer standpoint based on the factual data gathered by the internal teams. The results of our analyses showed tremendous improvement potential and were shared with everyone in the organization.

Phase II – We learned from the best practices, concepts and models for service excellence both in and outside the industry. Using our Phase I results and its targets for improvement, and the best practices as input to the valuelab®, we redesigned the entire value chain with customers in the center.  We accomplished that by challenging about 70 executives and managers from across the organization and leveraging their collective genius to be the best in the business, during intense two day sessions.

Phase III – Using executionlabSM, we developed a fully-resourced execution plan and launched it with over a dozen simultaneous teams involving over 100 participants.

Phase IVChange Management to a new state of performance with multi-dimensional simultaneous changes including redesigned processes, reconfigured IT systems, performance measures, recognition & rewards systems

Value delivered

  • Helped design a leading-edge service delivery model for sustainable competitive differentiation
  • Created a focus and narrative that was all about customers
  • Incubated a culture for innovation and excellence
  • Developed a multi-dimensional fully resourced execution plan
  • Built an execution infrastructure for sustainable results well beyond our participation
  • Helped execute the plan with over a dozen teams involving over 100 people
  • Reported that initial results showed significant progress including:  
  1. Composite Customer Satisfaction - Score up by 11% with corresponding increases in major categories
  2. Customer Promise - Fulfillment rate up by 10% 
  3. Complexity Reduction -  45% reduction in number of steps,
  4. Customer Call Quality – Increased by 8% to 99% with increased First Call Resolution