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Go-To-market strategy & business model for a revolutionary product


Developed the go-to-market strategy, operating model and sales strategy for a revolutionary, potentially disruptive innovation for the leader in Telecommunication Networks industry.  


Our client, the leader in telecommunication networks, had developed an innovative technology that would replace several existing technologies.  It was clear that it could not be marketed under the current business model.  The management was struggling to define the new model as it may disrupt existing channels, suppliers and customers. We were tasked to define a business model that would help launch and grow the new technology without significantly disrupting the existing relationships, markets and customers.     

Industry – Telecommunication, Networks

Area – Disruptive Innovation, New Business Model Creation

Service –  Sustainable Growth Solutions

Solutions – custom

How we helped

valueideas analyzed the potential customers and markets and assessed the revenue streams and the overall revenue. We engaged the value-chain partners and invited their input in the design that would optimize value creation for everyone in the chain.  We developed an interactive model to test variables and their impact and optimized it. We tested and refined the go-to-market strategy.  We developed and tested models for customer value and finalized the sales strategies by channel. 

Value delivered

  • Developed the new business model that clearly defined the go-to-market "evolutionary" strategy, sales strategy and a collaborative model with the value-chain partners, preserving critical relationships
  • Created an interactive model that demonstrated value creation across the value chain, powerful tool to manage and refine sales and profitability.
  • Created an interactive model that demonstrated value creation for the customers, a powerful tool to engage customers leading to a very high sales close ratio.