Population healthiness INDEX℠ (PHI, Φ)

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Transform Health - Scenario


​​Bob is a highly motivated health enthusiast and an avid Fitbit user.  He religiously tracks his daily activities such as distance covered, calories burnt, sleep pattern, heart rate etc.  Although he feels good about his activities, but given his family history, he often wonders if he is doing enough or the right things.


While Bob’s commitment to his health is commendable, his unease is understandable as he is “shooting in dark” without the Whole Person view of himself.  The Whole Person view includes the key factors that may impact his overall health and vitality such as his clinical conditions, family history, his life style, behaviors like eating, drinking & medication adherence, his stresses and their management, his social networks or lack thereof, his general outlook towards life etc.

Understanding the interactivity of multiple dimensions and factors holistically and their impact on his health, vitality, productivity and potential healthcare related costs would greatly enhance Bob’s focus and motivation.

 PHI (Φ) Difference

Population Healthiness Index℠ (PHI Φ) model would build on Bob’s Fitbit data and incorporate other factors and dimensions specific to him to calculate a SINGLE number - ΦScore℠. This would greatly enhance Bob’s insights into interactive factors impacting his health and vitality, provide focus to his behaviors and activities, and measure their real-time impact on his ΦScore℠.  

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