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Population healthiness INDEX℠ (PHI, Φ)

For Employers

A Game Changer In Healthcare

Transform Employee Health - Scenario


Mark as the Director of Healthcare Strategy for ABC Company is preparing for the upcoming executive meeting on healthcare and productivity programs.  After reviewing various initiatives currently deployed to manage and improve the health and productivity of the employees, he feels good about the overall effort but is uncomfortable due to lack of measurability. 

While the company expended great deal of time and resources on various programs, the measurement of their impact on productivity and cost is narrow, limited and diffused due to singular, non-integrated solutions and measures.

Mark finds that he can’t answer the hard questions that he would surely be asked; he decides to write down the questions and do further research:

  • How do we measure the cumulative impact of the investments in multiple initiatives such as Health Risk Assessment, programs like wellness, nutrition, weight loss, stress management etc. on the overall health, cost and productivity in real dollars for individuals, specific populations and the corporation as a whole?
  • How do we demonstrate the return on investment in terms of healthcare cost and productivity improvements in real dollars?
  • How do we justify the value of continued investments on employee health over time?
  • How do we simplify communication and management of the healthcare, productivity and benefits programs in the company?
  • How do we develop and use measurable criteria for population based focused strategies; optimize for the desired effects on health and productivity of individuals, populations and the company?
  • Is there a SINGLE, easy to understand measure (instead of a jungle of measures used today) to communicate health, vitality, cost and productivity profile of individuals that is non-threatening and engaging?
  • How do we develop a Whole Person score by including “invisible” factors such as life style, habits, behaviors, family issues etc. that significantly impact health and productivity?


A healthy workforce is a productive workforce.  Employers today spend significant cost and resources to keep employees healthy and motivated.  Unlike other areas of business, measurement of healthcare programs and their impact is at best amorphous even though myriad of measures exist.  And that is exactly Mark's challenge.  Why?

Our healthcare is highly diffused and hugely complex system replete with measures based on specialties, conditions, proprietary tools, models, programs etc., yet very little to show the overall impact on the health,vitality and productivity of the Whole Person.  

Using PHI (Φ) model, the measurement of the Whole Person with a SINGLE measure - ΦScore℠, including both clinical and non-clinical dimensions and factors would provide Mark an elegantly simple yet powerful tool to cut through the complexity and execute focused population based strategies leading to reduced cost, improved productivity, better employee engagement and greater innovation.

 PHI (Φ) Difference

Drive Productivity and Innovation

ΦScore℠ as a SINGLE measure representing the Whole Person offers an elegantly simple method for the employers to strategically focus their efforts on populations to improve health, vitality, productivity, cost and drive innovation.

Simplify measurement

  • An innovative, simple to use and understand SINGLE measure representing multiple human dimensions reduces complexity, confusion and the resistance to change caused by a myriad of measures an employee is faced with.

Deepen employee engagement

  • The Whole Person view with clinical and non-clinical dimensions and factors engages and motivates individuals and groups to act on improving their vitality, health and productivity.

Increase productivity, reduce cost

  • Customize population cost profiles for healthcare and productivity loss give the real dollar targets for improvement for the organization.
  • Calculate and measure the real dollar impact with every point change in ΦScore℠ for a given population.

Drive Innovation for competitive advantage

  • Healthy, vital, productive and engaged employees are the core to problem solving and developing innovative solutions for the competitive edge.

Deliver increasing returns on investment and long term value

  • Segmentation of population by over 50 factors enables finely targeted strategies and optimized resource deployment, resulting in faster and increasingly higher returns on investment than traditional means for the organization.

Streamline communication and management

  • Easy to understand, use, monitor, report and communicate results and their real time impact on the real dollars for the management.