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Population healthiness INDEX℠ (PHI, Φ)

For Insurers

A Game Changer In Healthcare

Transform Risk Management - Scenario


John, as the Chief Innovation Officer for a major Life and Casualty Insurance company, constantly reviews emerging trends to identify the opportunities for innovative products and services. He is very intrigued by several existing and emerging trends such as:

  • Focus on better nutrition and health

  • Ubiquity of mobile devices 

  • Several thousand apps on health, activity and nutrition monitoring and millions of users with data on their mobile devices

  • Emergence of wearable devices

 He wondered if the convergence of these trends would create opportunities to:

  • Innovate new products and services leveraging new life style trends

  • Manage risk with better models than traditional tools used by the industry

  • Customize policies to individuals based on their life style and management of risk factors

  • Change his company’s image to an innovative leader in the industry


John is right. Combining individual data on exercise, nutrition, wellness etc., captured on mobile apps with other clinical and non-clinical dimensions to create a SINGLE measure for the Whole Person provides a powerful but elegantly simple tool to create individualized profiles and a unique risk management model.   This customized risk management model based on actual rather than actuarial data would help facilitate truly individualized risk profiles and develop innovative insurance products and services.

 PHI (Φ) Difference

 PHI is a powerful tool for risk management

PHI (Φ) as a comprehensive current state representation of the Whole Person comprising of the multiple factors and dimensions that effect health, vitality, productivity and cost, is a much better measure for understanding and management of individualized risk.

 PHI provides reliable basis for innovative and individualized products

Interaction of multiple dimensions and their sensitivity to the overall ΦScore℠ provides a reliable basis for risk calculation and management and facilitates truly individualized product and services using actual rather than actuarial data.