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Population healthiness INDEX℠ (PHI, Φ)

For Pharmaceutical & Biotech Companies

A Game Changer In Healthcare

Transform Medicine - Scenario


Lisa, the Chief Medical Officer of the Best Pharmaceutical and Biotech has a formidable challenge in front of her.  Best Pharma has been on a downward curve with revenues and profits declining, aging products, stiff competition, drying pipelines and a string of failed product launches.  The Executive Committee has charged her with the task to rethink and redesign the drug development model of the company.

Lisa stepped back and took a fresh look at the Best Pharma and the industry as a whole, and came to some startling conclusions:

  • Best Pharma and many in the industry are obsessively focused on the next block-buster while a ignoring smaller but rich targets of opportunities
  • Clinical trials based drug development model is becoming very complex, long, expensive and less reliable
  • The entire focus of the drug development is to seek FDA approval, leading to increasingly narrower definitions of the expected outcomes or end points, abandoning broader holistic therapies
  • This narrow therapeutic spectrum leads to minimal or no market distinction and drives hyper-competition in the market
  • As the drug launches, competition morphs the Best Pharma (and competitors) into a high powered, very expensive marketing driven machine, minimizing  tremendous clinical insights gained into patients during the drug development process
  • This lack of leverage of the patient insights into broader therapeutic solutions further limits the value of the innovation
  • This self-imposed myopic view is perhaps the leading cause of failure to capture the potential of discovery and innovation at the Best Pharma


Lisa’s insights into the Best Pharma and the industry as a whole are right on.  Issues she outlined are at the core to what ails the Best Pharma and the industry as a whole. 

A holistic view of the patient and therefore the outcomes of therapies would dramatically shift the focus of the industry from expensive and improbable one-size-fits-all blockbuster therapies, to targeted, speedier and significantly more effective solutions delivered at much lower cost to the patients.

 PHI (Φ) Difference

Transform Medicine

PHI (Φ) as a SINGLE measure of health and vitality for the Whole Person representing multiple factors and dimensions, is a powerful tool for competitive advantage for the pharmaceutical and biotech companies, a potential game changer in drug development, measurement of  efficacy of drugs and therapies, and a platform to advance precision medicine:

Reinvent Drug Development Model and Process

  • Disrupt the traditional clinical trial based model by using real life, the Whole Person information with over 50 factors influencing the health and vitality captured in ΦScore℠.
  • Accelerate drug development and deliver holistic outcomes for the new drugs and therapies.

 Increase regulatory successes

  • Increase the probability of regulatory approval and the value of the therapy, drug or delivery system by aligning the end points or expected outcomes of a trial with the holistic ΦScore℠ improvements.

 Enhance marketability

  • Build brand and markets by demonstrating the positive impact on ΦScore℠ in addition to the expected clinical outcomes.

 Gain market share and credibility

  • Show relative competitive advantage through ΦScore℠ improvements, specially in the highly competitive markets.

 Change the game with the Whole Person efficacy measurement

  • ΦScore℠ as the Whole Person single measure that interactively encompasses multiple human dimensions offers a game-changing platform to measure the efficacy of the new and current therapies.
  • PHI (Φ) changes the paradigm from a narrow set of end points to the outcomes that measure the impact on the overall health and vitality – the core to the medicine’s mission.

Accelerate Precision Medicine

  • Advance the precision drug development model by leveraging PHI’s (Φ) ability to fine-tune populations using more than 50 individualized factors encompassing multiple human dimensions.
  • When combined with genetic markers, the PHI (Φ) representing the individual life style, behavior and other key factors influencing health and vitality, could give deeper insights into individuals with similar traits and accelerate personalized medicine.