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Population healthiness INDEX℠ (PHI, Φ)

For Physicians

A Game Changer in Healthcare

Transform Patient Care - Scenario


Dr. Smith is a well-liked physician who loves the profession of her choosing.  She is compassionate and does her best to help her patients.  Her patients love her and she is consistently rated very high in patient surveys. Increasingly, Dr. Smith is frustrated, as she finds herself spending time and resources in administrative, compliance and other non-medical areas.   She is not alone.  Many of her peers and friends find themselves in similar situations, a few have stopped practicing, other are considering.  Dr. Smith feels torn and wishes there was a better way where she could just focus on practicing medicine and deliver great care to her patients.


Lack of a holistic SINGLE measure is the core to Dr. Smith and her peers’ frustrations.  There are multiple measures and multiple measurement systems mandated by multiple payers that professionals like Dr. Smith have to comply requiring enormous resources and time. 

In addition, their diagnostic and treatment plans are reviewed and frequently questioned by payers and their contractors resulting in further resource and time consumption, frustration and a sense of diminishment. 

Measurement of the Whole Person with ΦScore℠ - the SINGLE measure including both clinical and non-clinical dimensions and factors would provide an elegantly simple yet powerful tool to cut through the complexity, reduce fraud and waste perpetuated in the current healthcare delivery system, while allowing Dr. Smith more time to do what she loves – caring for her patients.

PHI (Φ) Difference

Understanding the Whole Person view of a patient with ΦScore℠ - the SINGLE number that includes both clinical and non-clinical dimensions and factors influencing their health, vitality, productivity and cost would help Dr. Smith and his peers dramatically simplify their care delivery model, increase focus on practicing medicine and transform relationships with the key stakeholders:


  • Build deeper, broader and sustaining patient relationships as a result of the holistic profiles created by ΦScore℠ including non-clinical dimensions and factors influencing their health, vitality, productivity and cost.  


  • Simplified measurement, reporting and payment system, reducing operating cost.
  • Collaborative relationships to focus on critical areas to improve health and healthcare while reducing waste and fraud.
  • Anchor the collaborative transformation of healthcare as we know.

 Hospitals & Systems

  • Unambiguous performance measurement and compensation criteria to reduce conflicts and complaints.
  • Greater resources deployment to improve health and healthcare.
  • Anchor the collaborative transformation of healthcare as we know.