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Assisted several entrepreneurs and start-up companies in such areas as conception and validation of ideas, concept development and testing, market potential, initial product development, business plans and models development, funding procurement, product development and launch, customer acquisition, go-to-market strategies, growth platforms, growth infrastructure development, company structure and ownership, as well as providing management oversight including acting as the CEO.


Most start-ups fail. Many great ideas never see the fruits of commercialization. On the surface, the reasons for failure could be numerous, but a careful analysis would almost always point to lack of discipline and focus, unclear purpose and direction, inability to build supporting management structures and leadership to focus and drive collective energy to convert a great idea into successful product and company that creates value for all its stakeholders.
From its inception, valueideas has committed to help convert ideas into value.  While we help apply that philosophy to all businesses, this is particularly true for start ups.  

Industry – Start-ups in multiple industries including software, system security, hardware, mobile technology, biotech, professional services, outplacement, food, not-for-profit etc.

Area –  Concept to Launch, Launch to Profitable Growth 

Service –  Sustainable Growth Solutions    Operational Excellence

Solutions –      valuelab®      growthlabSM       executionlabSM

How We Helped

valueideas has assisted several entrepreneurs and start ups at various stages of their development - from an idea to a successful launch to a profitable growing company.  For example, we have used the power of valuelab® to help convert mere ideas into executable business models, growth platforms for series of product launches to capture markets, revenues and enhanced valuations. ​Similarly, we have used executionlabSM to develop resourced and time-lined execution plans that impart discipline, focus, careful resource and funding management; and result orientation to the project team. Additionally, such an effort serves as a major confidence builder for the investor community. We have also provided management oversight including acting as the CEO to help tackle management and business issues while providing leadership to keep the internal development teams sharply focused on delivering product on time and on budget. 

Value delivered

Following are some examples of our activities:

  • Helped convert ideas and concepts into competitively differentiated business models and propositions that maximize the value for the customers as well for the start-ups
  • Helped build platforms for growth, frequently well beyond the concepts envisioned by the inventor, to create multigenerational, multipronged launch strategy for maximum value creation
  • Helped refined business plans to develop and execute funding strategies
  • Assisted in defining company structures and founders’ roles
  • Assisted in investor presentation and closing deals
  • Assisted in concept development and testing, and developing end product architecture
  • Managed and assisted in product development and management of resources for timely attainment of goals
  • Helped build management infrastructure for each stage of development from Angel, Stage I, Stage II, launch, post launch and growth stages
  • Helped manage the start-ups as the CEO through various stages of development.