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Sustainable Growth Solutions

Profitable growth is our passion. Growth without profitability may be useful in the short term for building customer base or brand value as Amazon, Google or Facebook showed, but a longer-term growth strategy without profitability is a disaster waiting to happen, as the bust of "tech boom" demonstrated.

We believe that growth, whether in market share, customers, customer share, revenue, product line etc., is an essential part of a thriving organization, absent these, and you are witnessing a declining and perhaps a dying organization.  

While growth is important, without its sustainability you are back to square one. We find organizations trying one-off approaches or projects for growth, with little or no synergy or sustainability with minimum longer-term impact. Such an approach requires repeated efforts that are not only expensive, both in cost and resources, but also builds a "fatigue factor" that drains the organization.

Our approach to growth solutions engages and excites a broad cross-section of an organization, that in turn motivates the rest of the organization to embrace and execute innovative solutions that are generated using the skills, knowledge and expertise of the organization, the collective genius. This buy-in by the rank and file of an organization combined with our focus on creating long term multi-prong solutions, form a strong basis for delivering sustainable value to the organization.

Some of our Growth Solutions include:

  • growthlab - Growth Platforms for Market Dominance

  • Growth Portfolio Development & Management

  • New Business Models Creation

  • New Product & Service Development & Launch

  • Disruptive Technologies Development & Management

  • Leveraging Intellectual Assets for Growth

  • Technology Commercialization/New Business Creation

  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestiture Plan & Execution

  • Venturing & Business Start ups