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valuelab® is simultaneously a creative and a learning environment.

As a creative environment:

  • valuelab® is an open, fast-paced challenging environment that encourages individuals and groups to break through the shackles of the current-state thinking and create innovative concepts and models of the future.

  • We believe that innovation happens at the intersection of multiple experiences and points of view, therefore, we typically include from 10-100 carefully selected individuals with varied perspectives, experiences, backgrounds, personalities etc. in the valuelab® sessions.

  • valuelab® actively encourages learning from each other's experience and combining them to create new ideas, that in turn leads to innovative concepts, models and eventual solutions.

As a learning environment:

  • We design valuelab® sessions with carefully selected combinations of some well known as well as some novel pedagogical strategies.

  • The major objective is to enhance participants’ new and acquired learning of skills, concepts, tools, etc. (Know That) to learning appropriate application for problem solving, inferences, reasoning and points of view (Know How).

  • The experiential methods applied in various individual and group settings are designed to further learning from Know How to Knowing in Action in complex and real-life situations of real-life companies. We help build consensus and buy-in by overcoming emotions and motivations that may intervene in the learning and solution development process.